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New London Chapter 58

Heroe's of '76 - Fort Trumbull Camp

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Heroe's of '76 - Fort Trumbull Camp
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Officers 2014:

Camp Commander: Bro. John Moulson Cdr USN Ret

Chief of Staff: Bro. Jeff Stober MCPO Adjutant: Bro.Jim Chianese CWO4[SS] USN Active Duty

The Heroes of '76 is an affiliate, auxiliary organization of National Sojourners. Membership is limited to Chapter Members by invitation. It consists of a Side Degree of National Sojourners, Inc.

Ft Trumbull Camp: Upcoming Bivouacs or Encampments:

Notices will be mailed and/or emailed.


See your copy of THE SOJOURNER from National for current information on Local and National events.