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New London Chapter 58

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Membership in National Sojourners is open to citizens of the United States who are Master Masons in good standing in a duly constituted Lodge of Master Masons recognized by and maintaining fraternal relations with a majority of the Regular Grand Lodges in the United States and who:
Are serving or have served honorably as a Commissioned Officer, Warrant Officer and/or Senior Non-Commissioned Officer** of the uniformed services of the United States or have served in time of war as a Commissioned Officer or Warrant Officer or the equivalent in an armed service of a nation allied with the United States, or:
Are regularly elected to Honorary Membership.
A. Enlisted men who were discharged or retired on or prior to June 30, 1958 in the pay grades of E5, E6, or E7
B. Enlisted men who were discharged or retired on or after July 1, 1958 in the pay grades of E7, E8, or E9.

Please publicize the qualifications to your Blue Lodge and other Masonic organizations. Invite qualified members to join.
A Membership application can be obtained from any Sojourner or at any monthly meeting from the Secretary.